The AngryFloki Token

The most Fun Meme Token on the Market!!

Angry Floki is the next generation fully decentralized meme cryptocurrency that features a vast multitude of unique features and functions which make it truly the most profitable and most fun meme token in history

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AngryFloki is spreading wealth to the community with huge Dogecoin rewards! Huge allocation goes into the DOGECOIN Vault:

  • 4% of each buy transaction
  • 6% of each sell transaction
  • 10% of every transaction between wallets

The DOGECOIN rewards redistribution is calculated based on the amount of $AFLOKI that you hold from the supply.
You don’t need to claim your earned $DOGECOIN manually. It’s automatically sent to your wallet roughly twice everyday. The mileage can be observed via the dashboard.

Buyback function

Our unique buyback functions act as an insurance and preventative measures against massive dumps. 1% of each buy transaction and 1.5% of each sell transaction will pour into the buyback funds. The buyback will be activated upon massive price dump, thus pumping up the price and maintaining safety and stability!

NFT Collection

AngryFloki is set to open its own AngryFloki NFT Marketplace & auction meme NFTS. The NFTs will also get integratd into the minigames features with every character bearing the special characteristics of the gaming icons.


AngryFloki has started its own development of the minigames. Inspired by the legendary ‘Angry Birds Game’, Angryfloki will have its own addictive P2E mini game where you need to complete each stage of the game and earn the $AFLOKI rewards based on that stage’s difficulty. The higher the stage is, the difficulty and the rewards will be higher as well. There are different characters to choose from and each character has their own unique abilities that help you complete the stage easier. The mini games will be available on the website, IOS and Android.


how how

01 Development Phase

Gathering public interest

Marketing Campaigns

Smart Contract deployment

NFT Integration idea

Minigame demo development

Presale announcement

Multiple audits

5k telegram members

Epic Launch

02 Marketing and advancement phase

Initial Banner ads on Poocoin

NYC billboard Advertisement

High budget Dextools & BSCscan Ads

Space X billboard ads

Coinsniper, Coinhunt, etc

Collaboration with huge influencers

Post launch giveaway

CG & CMC listing

Cointiger listing

Hotbit listing

20K telegram members

ETH Bridge at Uniswap

NFT Collection

1st Charity Drive

03 Adoption phase

Several CEX listing

Huge Influencer Marketing

Constant High Budget Poocoin ads

Constant Bscscan & Dextools Ads

100k Telegram Members

AngryFloki Wallet Launch

NFT x Minigames Launch

2nd Charity Drive

04 Partnership Phase

Huge Partnership

Further CEX Listings

Massive Marketing Drive

AngryFloki Swab Launch

AngryFloki NFT Marketplace Entry

100k holders

3rd Charity Drive


Frequently Asked Question

How to receive DOGECOIN rewards?

Your DOGECOIN REWARDS wil be delivered automatically to your wallet. To track the amount you’ve accumulated simply head on over to the Dashboard on our website

Which charity you are donating?

Currently we are supporting ForgottenAnimals. As time grows by, we plan to support more charitable dog’s organizations.

Any Whale prevention measures?

Our Buyback function does exactly that. Each time a whale decides to dump the token, the buyback function will be activated to bring up the price back and maintain stability.

When will the NFT marketplace be launched?

We have completed the initial preparations and we are at the advanced stages of the development. The NFT marketplace is supposed to dropped as early as the late of Q4 2021, and latest by the early Q1 2022.

When will the minigame be launched?

The Demo of the games is already up. We are at the final stages of the integration with the P2E rewards and NFTs for the Minigames.